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I inspire individuals to embrace their obstacles so they can be successful "overcomers" in order to reach their goals.

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As a kid who stuttered, I learned early on about overcoming obstacles.

In the 8th grade, I made a T‐Shirt that had my name on it so that I didn’t have to fear saying it when attending volleyball practice. Who would have thought just a decade later, I would have graduated with not only a BA in Communications; but also, a MA in Speech Pathology. Even in pursing my MA, there were obstacles to overcome.

How to overcome obstacles in your life by developing solutions

When I was 6 months away from graduation, it was recommended that I consider another career outside of Speech Pathology due to my stuttering. Of course, I didn’t do that but kept moving forward and graduated. I have been a Speech Pathologist for over 28 years and have had the opportunity to help people in ways I would never imagine!

Looking back, I’ve been an “overcomer” my entire life. From athletics to academics, so much of what I’ve accomplished has been based on not allowing circumstances to hold me back. That philosophy has been beneficial to me then and continues to help me in my career as a Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Key Note Speaker. Speaking for the last 23 years and inspiring audiences to be “overcomers” has been a great honor!

Overcoming is not a solo journey. My husband, Rick has been my “rock” through it all. Together, we enjoy walking, biking riding and traveling!

Here's more of my story!

Have you experienced a time where you wanted to achieve a goal but an obstacle got in the way? These can be “internal” such as FEAR or “external” like communication breakdowns with employees. But what if it’s NOT the obstacle that determines if you become an “overcomer” but it is YOU that makes the decision!

Becoming an OVERCOMER means:


  • Communicating in a clear and dynamic way to entice people to listen

  • Facing fears to move forward to reach goals

  • Using adversity as a step for growth rather than failure

  • Listening to that voice inside that is guiding you to the truth


Obstacles – roadblocks – they can hold us back from our true potential especially in leadership. 

When you adopt this NEW mindset of “overcomer” rather than victim, your world changes and things that you once thought were impossible now become possible.

About Me

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Speaking Topics

An excited leader jumping towards to sky to achieve great accomplishments by overcoming life's challenges

Become an Overcomer in Leadership & Life! 

When we encounter obstacles in the workplace or in life, it feels like we are stuck and there isn’t a way out. We can’t find an answer. What if there is an answer? The answer is adopting a NEW mindset of an “overcomer.” When we become an “overcomer,” we are no longer victims of our circumstances.


We are refreshed with a new perspective to understand our obstacles better in order to find a solution. When we overcome our obstacles we become effective leaders at work and in our life!

Building Connections in the Workplace with Effective Communication

Building Connections in the Workplace with Effective Communication

Communication is the key to success in the workplace especially in leadership. We have the desire to communicate better but the missing piece is the “know-how.” In this presentation you will get the “know-how” to….


  • Express your idea in a clear and concise format

  • Listen with intent rather than with an agenda

  • Manage communication breakdowns

  • Communicate effectively with difficult people


When we get the “know-how,” we build a connection with others which leads us to become effective and confident leaders.

Giving a keynote presentation on Super Powers for the workplace

Packing our Briefcase with Superpowers for the Workplace!

We often forget to UNLOCK our superpowers in our briefcase. When we utilize these superpowers such as passion, flexibility, patience, self-care and optimism in our everyday work life, we can overcome obstacles. Situations that once appeared IMPOSSIBLE now appear POSSIBLE.


Practical and engaging activities will be done to practice using these superpowers in everyday work scenarios.

A microphone representing the fear of Public Speaking and  how to overcome your fear

Public Speaking: Being an Overcomer!

Public speaking is feared more than death itself. Often times, we are so nervous about making a mistake and thinking about what others will think of us that we are paralyzed by fear. What if there was a method to be an “overcomer” of our nervousness and fear?


Our experience with Public Speaking would be transformed and we would emerge as empowered and confident communicators!



"We have been working with Marilee for the last three years and she is always a joy to work with. This is a quote from one of the employees after taking her class: “The speaker was amazing! You can truly feel her passion and compassion towards people and helping them become better employees.”

Katherine Salvage
Organizational Development Specialist 1
Medical Mutual

“The class was great. Such a good opportunity to reflect on self and how to change and become a better listener, better leader and just an all-around better person. You provided great interactive tasks and tools.”

Alyse Besteder
Customer Resolution Specialist
Medical Mutual

“Marilee Fini is an outstanding professional. Her end-of-course surveys were consistently high, and students often commented positively about their experience in Ms. Fini's classes. I would be happy to recommend Marilee for the teaching or presenting role of her choice.”

Dr. Bruce Campbell
Former Dean of Academic Affairs and Operations
South University

“Out of all the public speakers, trainers and subject matter experts I have listened to over the years, I was the most engaged with Marilee Fini. Without a doubt this is the most dynamic and effective speaker I have ever had the pleasure of learning from."

Justin Moose
Hospital Training

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